Adventures in Potty Training

It strikes me as ironic that I am beginning potty training Baby at the same time that my grandmother has lost this kind of bodily awareness. She no longer seems aware of when she has to go or even if her adult diaper is wet or dry. This is sad and tragic to me. But praise Allah: He tells us that “some are sent back to a feeble age, so that they know nothing after having known much; For Allah is all knowing, all powerful.” So clearly, I can see this cyclical nature of the human life.

Anyway, so far as potty training goes. Baby used to use the potty at 4 months. Then I rushed to get the potty when she started to pee in the bath (perhaps I bumped her or hurt her in some way) We also started using disposable diapers around that time. She hadn’t used the potty again since then until now. She was quite resistant to even sitting on the potty. I finally got her to sit on it for very short periods of time, but nothing else. Then I got her a new potty. This potty is made for a toddler rather than an infant, and she seems quite comfortable sitting on it. She will sit and listen to stories being read. She actually peed in it twice now

I wanted to try a bare bottom potty training in 3 days method, but my husband seems to object to the child not wearing pants. I’m not sure why. We bought her some training pants, but they don’t seem to prevent mess. I guess it depends how much she pees. We got six in Potty Patty because they were the only company that had extra small. Then we got six in Green Sprouts even though their 18 month size starts at 24 pounds and Baby is not yet 20 pounds. The Green sprouts ones have a plastic liner on the inside, and she actually peed once today that I didn’t even realize she peed because her pants didn’t get wet. Every other time we’ve had puddles on the floor. I did the bare bottom method as much as possible in the morning when my husband wasn’t around, but one issue I have is that Baby wants to be outside every waking moment, and even I am not really comfortable taking her outside naked. I’m also finding it difficult to avoid social engagements. Anyway it is quite exhausting and tedious to do nothing other than watch your child to catch them if they start to pee and take them to the potty every 20 minutes. Hopefully we can get good results even if I’m not following it 100 percent.


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