Toddlers and Hijab

If you look that phrase up online, you find all kinds of things about people who are severely disturbed by the sight of a child wearing hijab. They think it sexualizes small children, etc.

I was thinking of buying my daughter a hijab. Certainly not because I think toddlers need to or even should wear hijab, but because she likes to play with mine, and I’m afraid she’ll trip on them. I also thought the weather had still been cold and maybe she could wear it sometimes instead of her hat or for dress-up, that kind of thing. I didn’t end up buying her a hijab. My husband and I found some small scarves for her to play with, and she does play with them, but she still takes the gauzy see- through ones from my three pieces and pulls those over her head and drags them all over the house, in imminent danger of tripping, so cute!

The other day, I was in the bathroom, and she took the long, wrist-length khimar that I use for salaat, and she had put it on perfectly, her face in the little hole and everything, never mind that it came down past her ankles. It was adorable!

So my take on toddlers in hijab is that children like to play dress up, and they like to imitate their parents, and what’s so wrong with that?


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