Less Sugar

A little less than two weeks ago I started reading A Year Without Sugar by Eve Schaub. Of course I found it inspiring. Basic premise: Sugar is Poison. Fructose is bad for you because your body can’t use it, and it goes directly to your liver where your liver turns it into fatty acids, which then enter your bloodstream and prevent your cells from accessing glucose, which they need for energy. Then of course the book tells the story of how the family goes a year without sugar. Now I’m reading Sweet Poison by David Gillespie, but I didn’t like that his website is by subscription. It just seems like all the no sugar promoting books  direct you to websites that you have to pay for, which makes me feel like the book is just to promote the website. Still I want to read all of his books and maybe even buy the cookbook, although maybe I should subscribe to the website. I just don’t like things that renew automatically either because I’m not living that high that I never have to watch the balance in my bank account.

Anyway, for awhile now I’ve been wanting to do my own low sugar (not necessarily no sugar) plan, but I keep falling back on it. I finally have to admit that maybe I am addicted to sugar (although I don’t like it nearly as much as most other people). I also noticed that I’m eating for emotional reasons. I associate certain things with socializing, snacks and coffee and such. So maybe I’m lonely, and my quick fix is a cup of coffee. I’m exaggerating a little. Then of course there is the emotional associations just with something special or exciting or childhood memories. Or even though I know this stuff is bad for me, there’s still kind of an association with it being wholesome because you can read about the light house keepers and loggers and farmers back in the day being served up slabs of cake and pie (not as dessert) as part or their meals.

I also realized today that other people are not helpful. They will parrot the information, talk about it, but they aren’t really interested in making the lifestyle changes themselves. Some people aren’t interested period. Like: Don’t even talk about it! But for example my dad last week brought us a package of Girl Scout cookies when he came to visit. I didn’t even open them, but I don’t quite know what to do with them. My aunt brought us cupcakes, and even though I don’t really like her cupcakes (they are box mix and I don’t feel well after eating them) I ended up eating one anyway, and Baby helped herself to one. This week my dad and his wife brought brownies (now who isn’t tempted by brownies?) Actually, I was most tempted when I saw those nice big pieces of walnuts in them (can I just pick the walnuts out, and will it count if they have just a little brownie stuck on them?). The thing is, my dad knows that I’m trying to eat less sugar, and he’s still bringing me these things. People don’t understand. I feel guilty to throw it out (plus it looks good), but if I keep it I’ll probably end up eating it, and how many exceptions can you make?



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