A “Danger” of Running an Etsy Shop

So far I’ve spent more than I’ve made. I don’t even mean business expenses. I mean as a shopper.

Every day when I log onto my Etsy page, I see pictures of my favorited items, new items from my favorite shop and recommended items for me.

I purchased 4 wooden combs from Joyocomb and a 2-piece jilbab from RopaAdDuha. I had been admiring them for quite some time (the 2-piece jilbab for months). I kept telling myself to wait until there was more money, maybe treat myself once my own business took off, but then the jilbab went on sale, and it seemed there was only one left. That’s pretty good motivation to buy. Anyway, I’m not sure I could even have bought the fabric for what I paid for it.  I bought myself one comb and the other combs as gifts. So altogether I’m pretty satisfied with my purchases, even if I’m still spending more than I’m making.


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