Islam Equated with Race

I attended a lecture today at the masjid. It was about raising Muslim children. For the most part I really enjoyed it. The turn out was pretty good. It was just for young mothers, and I felt pretty comfortable and felt that the other sisters were friendly and welcoming. I think Baby enjoyed dragging Mommy around by the hand the entire lecture.

The speaker did something I think she may not even have been aware she was doing. I didn’t even register it too much at the time. I mean I understood whatever points she was trying to make, but it must have left an impression on me because I was thinking about it later. Basically she referred to “white Americans” as if this were the opposite of Islam.

She was talking at first about what children watch on TV or on computers, even programs made for children, and how it affects their behavior. She mentioned some cartoon about a pig or something, that she used to think was really cute, but she noticed that her children were sticking their tongues out and being disrespectful to the parents, and then she looked it up online and found that other parents had the same problem. When she watched the show more closely, she saw that that was how the character behaved. When she described it to us, she said that the children were “behaving like white Americans.”

In another instance she was discussing how we behave as parents, and she said, “Your children are going to think you are crazy. They aren’t going to think their white teacher is crazy.”

The American Muslim community is one of the most diverse in the world, and she was brought up in it. I didn’t really register the racial identities of the other ladies present. Perhaps I was the only “white American.” But I know there are plenty of white Americans in the American Muslim community. I don’t think being either white or American makes us less Muslim or our behavior or values less in line with Islamic values. I think that Allah made a portion of believers out of every racial group, and our race and ethnicity do not reflect our Islam.


A “Danger” of Running an Etsy Shop

So far I’ve spent more than I’ve made. I don’t even mean business expenses. I mean as a shopper.

Every day when I log onto my Etsy page, I see pictures of my favorited items, new items from my favorite shop and recommended items for me.

I purchased 4 wooden combs from Joyocomb and a 2-piece jilbab from RopaAdDuha. I had been admiring them for quite some time (the 2-piece jilbab for months). I kept telling myself to wait until there was more money, maybe treat myself once my own business took off, but then the jilbab went on sale, and it seemed there was only one left. That’s pretty good motivation to buy. Anyway, I’m not sure I could even have bought the fabric for what I paid for it.  I bought myself one comb and the other combs as gifts. So altogether I’m pretty satisfied with my purchases, even if I’m still spending more than I’m making.


My business Facebook page informed me today that I hadn’t made a post in 13 days. I thought if I haven’t posted there in 13 days, it’s been even longer since I posted on my blog.

Everything is slow going. I have to remind myself what I’m doing it for. Then I keep patient with everything.

I don’t think I’ll be able to focus on really getting my business established until after our trip to Bangladesh. My mother-in-law wants a fleece jacket like the ones I made for the kids. By the time we go to Bangladesh, it should be too warm for her to use a jacket this year, but my husband doesn’t want to pay $50 to send it in the mail, so I have to hurry to the fabric store, find a pattern, and buy the fabric. Then I have only a short time to work on the jacket, so I’ll be stressed to finish it on time (which is the real reason why I told myself there was no reason to bring it with us since she couldn’t wear it this year).

On top of that, instead of making products to sell, I’ve spent the past 3 or 4 days working on a dress for Baby. She has plenty of clothes, but I couldn’t resist digging into the scrap fabric. The patterns give the size based on the baby’s weight and height, so I chose medium, but the finished garment seems huge. My mom asked me if it was supposed to look like a mu mu.