Baby Vaccinations and Lab Work, A Torture For Mom

I just got back from my baby’s “one-year” appointment, which had been postponed due to our now currently postponed travel plans. She had to have two shots and some lab work. The problem is that the last 3 times she has gone to the doctor’s she remembers getting the needle last time. The minute she sees the exam table even if they just want her on it to measure her or whatever, she starts crying hysterically and clinging to me. They did finally give her the shots, and they asked me to hold her arms down.

She was still crying about the shots when we went next door for blood work. There, the lab worker’s assistant was absent, so I was asked to bear hug Baby into an outward facing position and hold her arm absolutely still while the blood was being drawn. Very difficult, as Baby wanted to hold onto and snuggle into Mommy. Oh well, finally got her home and sleeping peacefully. Poor Baby.


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