What I’ve Been Busy With

I finished five fleece baby jackets, a jacket for our 10-year-old niece, and a sweater for Baby. I also made 3 hijabs to sell, so far. I still have to make a fleece jacket for our 7-year-old niece. I also want to make a hijab for my mother-in-law.

People have been saying I should sell baby jackets I have been making so many of them. Although that was not my original idea for a business, I would be perfectly happy to sell them, but they are not really my own design. It’s a simple, store bought pattern that I adjusted to fit my own preferences.


I went to the fabric sale on Saturday to take advantage of a sale, but I didn’t buy anything for my business. I like to wear shalwar kameez when we are in Bangladesh, but although my sister-in-law had no trouble nursing discreetly in them, I don’t find them very convenient for nursing. I don’t like having to pull my shirt up from the bottom. I feel like my belly is being exposed, and when Baby is nursing the whole night, I feel like I feel cold and more exposed. I like tops that are a little stretchy and pull down. I had the idea that I could try to make something like my shalwar kameez, but with stretchy fabric around the top so that I can pull it down. I’m going to try out my pattern and see how it goes.

Before I had Baby, I used to think I would like nursing clothing that had little discreet openings so that people could hardly even tell you were nursing. Nope! Not at all. What do you know before the Baby is born? Also, Baby doesn’t particularly like nursing under a scarf, and I also prefer to be able to gaze freely down at her beautiful face. I’m going to try putting a big cotton scarf over top of both of us when we are on the airplane. I’ll have to see how that goes!


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