My husband felt very strongly that we should not celebrate the baby’s birthday (or any birthdays), our anniversary, etc. I was not in total agreement about this. I’m still thinking about her amazing birth (I have to write about that sometime), and I want to celebrate that she’s been with us a year. I feel like mainly the only religious grounds he could have for this is the idea that we are only supposed to celebrate (annually) the two eids. That is something a lot of the scholars say, although the Prophet saying they are better, doesn’t seem to me to explicitly forbid celebrating other things as long as they aren’t anything haram.

Last week, my husband asked me what we were doing for Thanksgiving, I asked my mom, and she said we were going there, which we did. My husband has fond memories of Thanksgiving as he came to Thanksgiving at my mom’s shortly after we were married (and we didn’t have an awful lot of that sweet honeymoon stage of our marriage before we were put in difficulty and separated by his visa troubles). Now it seems to me, if we can’t celebrate birthdays that Thanksgiving would be off too, but I didn’t really want to point that out to my husband. So we went to my mom’s for Thanksgiving, and the baby really enjoyed herself.


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