Gentleness in Islam

Khutbahs are supposed to be on topics which are important and necessary for the people, relevant to the issues they are dealing with, timely reminders. With that in mind, I felt that the khutbah that I heard on Friday was quite appropriate.

At the point at which I started listening (I always have to use the bathroom and get settled with Baby and say 2 rakat), the imam was asking what should we say to our children, our non-Muslim friends, anyone when they look at what is happening in the world and ask us, is this Islam, how do you interpret the Quran? We can give a resounding, no! This is not Islam!

He said we should look to the model, Prophet Muhammad (s), our example. His behavior was the Quran. He was tortured and persecuted, treated very cruelly for years by the pagan Makkans. Then when finally, they were in his power, he says to them, “Go! This day you are free!” There is no place in Islam for hatred and vengeance.

Gentleness and Mercy are part of religion. Our prophet (s) said that when gentleness is in anything it beautifies it and when gentleness is removed from anything, it becomes ugly.  He who is deprived of gentleness is deprived of all good.

There is no place for extremism in Islam, even for those with good intentions. When 3 men came to ask the Prophet (s) about his worship, one of them then said that he would fast every day, another that he would pray all night, and the third that he would not marry. The Prophet (s) was displeased. He said, “I fast and I break my fast, I pray at night and I sleep, and I marry women. He who does not follow my sunnah is not of me.”

I am paraphrasing this khutbah. So I hope I have managed to capture the spirit of it, and the main points and not mangle anything that was said too badly.



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