Terrorist Attack

Yesterday I was talking with my mom about our upcoming trip to visit my daughter’s Bangladeshi grandparents. We are all very excited about this. My sister-in-laws have both had babies in the same year and everyone is coming. My sister is also coming with us to meet my in-laws. Because of previous attacks in Bangladesh, my mom is a little worried, and she told me to be careful, especially after this attack in France, and I was like, what!?

My mom was like, “Are you serious? You haven’t heard about this?”

I said,”No, when did it happen?”

My sister was not surprised that I did not know because she knows me, I guess. I don’t watch TV(my husband does, but I’ve never seen him watch the news). I’m busy with Baby and still trying to start this hijab business (although admittedly this past week I’ve been focusing much more on the gifts I am making for my in-laws); sometimes I only get online once or twice a week. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad  thing, but we live in such a fast paced world. It seems like if you’re disconnected for even a few days, all sorts of things are happening ( A few years ago, I almost got fired from my new teaching job about which I was very much looking forward to and really needed because I had not checked my e-mail in 3 days. The last e-mail I had received from the principal had said see you in September no indication that I was required to be in contact prior to that (I could have been out of the country). They were not able to reach me by telephone because there was some problem with the telephone line, and he said if I did not respond by the next day he would give the job (for which I had already signed a contract) to someone else. I had already missed the deadline by the time I checked my e-mail, so I was quite upset. Fortunately, he had not yet hired anyone else. The principal tried to play it very cool, telling me he would have to let me know after he interviewed some other candidates the next day, but in reality the school was very much in need of teachers, and one teacher got hired only days before the start of the school year.).

My mom was upset because she worries about us when we will be traveling. She is also upset and angered by the anti-Muslim hate comments she has seen online. I think she worries about us when she sees such things.

I mentioned it to my husband later in the day. He seemed almost defensive, as if people were accusing him of being a terrorist. For all I know they do. He came here, the first time, the same year as September 11th, and, when my dad asked him about it, he said there was a huge difference in America before and after. I never thought about that before what it might have been like for him. I remember reading in a book about the huge number of Muslim boys getting beaten up in school and called terrorists. For some reason I thought this must be getting better, but I don’t know if that’s true. My sister says that that is one of the goals of these terrorists to make life difficult for the Muslims here, so that they are forced out and into their hands. It does make me wonder what my husband faces, and what my children may face.

I think these people are evil, no question. In theory there wouldn’t be anything wrong with an Islamic state. There was one, of some sort, up until the first World War, and in Islam the religion and the state really are not separate.  But if a person’s goal is good, their means to attain it must be good also. Evil is the fruit of evil. I don’t believe there is any room in Islam for a Machiavellian, ends justify the means mentality. In the Bible it says you will know people by their fruits, and there are similar sayings in Islam.

My sister said, how can people say Allahu akbar while they are so blatantly disregarding Allah’s laws and all morality? To harm men, women, and children who did you no harm. Retaliation for a harm is only allowed to the degree you were harmed, and it is better for us if we forgive. When the Prophet (s) saw a woman killed in war, he said, “She was not fighting, why was she killed?” Harming of innocent people is forbidden.

How can these people justify their actions and call themselves Muslims? Perhaps they are munafiqun or the people mentioned in the Quran who think to deceive Allah, but only deceive themselves. The people who make mischief on the earth while claiming they only want to make peace. May Allah protect us from their harm.



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