The Goat

One Eid al-adha, when I was in Bangladesh, our family sacrificed a goat. We kept it in our garden, fed it, patted it, brought it into our house at night, and comforted it when it cried because it was lonely in a new place. Then it went along, happily, willingly, to a place under a tree with my husband and a butcher. They flipped it over. It screamed in surprise, and then the knife was at its throat, and it was gone.

Just like that. It was gone. It went from an animated being with a personality, to no longer being there, to just a carcass.

It made me reflect on death because a human life is no less fragile. We could go just a quickly, and we will when the time Allah has written for us comes. It really makes me think because if you depend on the life of this world, you are deluding yourself. There is no certainty in that. But there is a certainty that we will return to Allah, and we don’t know when that time will be.


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