The Hat


Yesterday I took Baby out to the store. About two minutes before we arrived at the store she started crying hysterically. I was really tempted to just pull the car over to the side of the road, but I thought she was sleepy starting out and she’s probably just lost her toy or got her hat down over her eyes, and she will be okay for two minutes. My mom had given her this fleece hat that snaps under the chin. It is a little big on her and can fall down over her eyes if you aren’t careful. When we got into the parking lot, i came around to Baby and found, to my horror, that she had managed to twist the hat around so that the snaps were behind her head instead of under her chin and that the back of the hat was firmly snapped onto her face.

Poor Baby! I wiped her tears and fussed over her. Needless to say, she was alright and was her cheery little self within a minute, but I found it disturbing, and I felt guilty that I hadn’t stopped the car. Thoughts of suffocation hazard flashed through my mind. Mothers trust your instincts when your baby doesn’t sound alright. I think I’ll be sticking to her ordinary black berry knit hat for the time being.



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