Ambitions of Mother

Sometimes I think I’m too ambitious as a mother. Well, not as a mother exactly. I mean, as a mother, I may sometimes be too ambitious about the number of non-mothering things I want to do.

Like yeah, that jacket I made for baby turned out really good, so of course I can make six other jackets for her cousins. Why don’t I start a business and sew hijabs to sell while I’m at it? And of course I should read Quran every day. I’ve been a bit negligent of that, and I should be learning new surahs, not just reviewing what I know. Also I haven’t been studying Bengali lately, and I have 3 library books and a whole pile of magazines to read.

I can work on these things in the hour or two after Baby goes to sleep… If she goes to sleep without any trouble…In between those ridiculously long nursing sessions she’s been doing lately…After I do those things that my husband asked me to do.

Hmm. Where did all the time go? You’re too tired now? You’d better do it tomorrow, definitely.


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