ISIS in Bangladesh?

My mom just mentioned this to me yesterday. We weren’t aware of this going on in Bangladesh. We have been planning a trip to Bangladesh to take our baby to see her Dada and Dadi and all her other Bangladeshi relatives for the first time. I have been looking forward to it very much as we hadn’t seen them in more than 1 1/2 years, and several of us were all going to be there at the same time with our babies.

Now I see that this group has claimed it as a goal to attack foreigners in Bangladesh. It makes me angry. They do such things in the name of Islam. What is at all Islamic about murdering people for their ethnicity? It sounds pretty evil to me. And aren’t there tons of hadith about how we aren’t really believers if our neighbor’s life and property aren’t safe from us? These have to be the kind of people mentioned in the Quran who like to cause mischief on the Earth. Why shouldn’t my baby be able to visit her Dada and Dadi without fear for her safety. Doesn’t a mother worry enough for her children already?


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