Thinking about Homeschooling

Most of my adult life I fantasized about having kids, and I was going to homeschool them. Of course I could provide them with a better education, they would have more time to play, and of course they would have more time to study and practice Islam.

Now that I actually have a Baby, I question my motives, and I question what will actually be best for her. I mean, did I want to homeschool for selfish reasons? Do I want to control my child’s life too much? Will I be depriving her of the childhood experience of going to school?

I guess part of it is that a lot of the parents that choose to homeschool have a big problem with the public schools, and I don’t. In the area where we live, they are pretty good.When I was younger, I also had the zealousness of a recent convert. I was staunchly no Halloween, no birthdays… etc. Now I think, what’s wrong with birthdays? The Prophet (s) never actually forbade them. Why be so restrictive? And while I’m not actually going to do Halloween (I don’t think), I look at the costumes and think, How cute!

I used to think, homeschool up until the 3rd or 4th grade, then the child will no longer be bombarded with Halloween and Christmas as part of their curriculum. The child will have a firm foundation. Now I think, middle school is a harder time to be new, and most kids like school until they get to middle school or high school. High school was the time I would have liked to homeschool myself. Oh how I hated high school.

One part of my reasoning is my ambition for my child. I want them to be Islamic scholars, imams, etc. I want them to know the Quran, to know Arabic. Many people are content if their children are practicing Muslims. But I want so much more for my children, and is that wrong? So I still want my children to have time (lots of time) to be children. I don’t want them having hours and hours of Islamic studies or weekend school on top of an already overly full school schedule. From what I saw of Islamic school and weekend school, it isn’t enough for those goals I set. It may churns out practicing Muslims who know some Quran and Arabic. There are some who go on to learn more.

Oh well. These are just thoughts. Baby is still a baby.


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