The Dua for Your Deeds

It occurred to me today that we commit so many deeds each day, with little awareness. Perhaps kindnesses, perhaps evils, everything in between, and we don’t know or even think of what they are earning us.

We took Baby to the masjid today. As soon as I arrived in the prayer hall, a sister pulled out her key chain and gave it to Baby to play with, which she probably came to regret as Baby chewed and drooled copiously on it. Baby played with that key chain contentedly throughout the whole khutbah. As soon as the prayer ended, that sister rose and left very quickly, so I was not able to thank her or even give her salaams. So the best I can do to express my gratitude is make dua for her, and she will never even know.

It made me think, how many of our actions, good or bad, are a source of dua for us. Kindness, gentleness, and patience never hurt anyone, and you do not know what blessings they might be bringing.


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