Mommy Fitness

I often hear mothers of babies worrying about losing the baby weight. I find it a little puzzling now that I know how many calories mothering my baby actually uses. They told me at the hospital that I needed to eat 500 extra calories while breastfeeding. I’m not sure I really did that, but I also realized recently that I must be getting a lot of exercise walking around with a 17 pound baby for so much of my day. I decided to look it up, and it is probably something like 230 calories per hour. How many hours do I spend doing that? I’m not even sure.

I see other new mothers worrying about when to do their exercise videos. That’s great if that’s how they relax, but the baby is actually pretty good exercise. I didn’t diet or do any special exercise, and I didn’t have trouble getting to my pre-baby weight. I suppose people are going to tell me I’m just lucky. I do know I see a lot of people who never seem to lose that baby weight and just add a little more with every child. I guess everyone is different.


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