A Random Miscellaneous Post

So my followers, if you read my first post, you will know why I don’t consider myself a very good blogger. So I haven’t written in a long time. Be fair here, the circumstances of my life have changed. I have a baby that takes up a lot of my time, a husband who spends most of his free time online (we only have the one computer, and I basically get a chance to use it after Baby is to bed most days). They say you shouldn’t use the computer that close to bedtime, but when else will I get the chance? Anyway, back to the point (was there a point?), when Baby was little I could hold her while she slept on one arm and type one-handed, but that doesn’t work anymore, and she doesn’t sleep as much anyway.

I’ve been reading the book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Age. I feel fairly inspired by it. I really already feel perfectly healthy (but let’s stay that way). I renewed my interest in drastically reducing/eliminating white sugar and corn syrup from my diet. So far that’s going pretty good.

I’ve been working on my Bengali, studying every day and trying to use it with Baby. I have a lot of books out of the library about math (Calculus Made Easy and  Secrets of Mental Math). I’ve barely cracked either of them yet (just too busy), but I loved what I’ve seen so far of Secrets of Mental Math. I just think that sort of thing is really cool. I never considered myself a math person, but when someone can show you how to easily multiple any two or three digit number by 11 (that was the first trick in the book) that’s pretty cool. My mom made fun of me for Calculus Made Easy. Why did I check that book out? I never took calculus in high school. I don’t have a clue what it even is. I hope the book really does make it easy because my mom (who took art history instead of calculus) says calculus is not easy.

Garden is going great, although I wish I was getting more zucchini and cucumbers, and my neighbor was right that the tomatoes you get at Lowe’s don’t taste very good. And why are my cucumbers always spiky?


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