The Fragility of Life

A neighbor told me recently that a bear’s been seen in the area, a warning for me since I go walking with the baby. I’m not particularly afraid we are going to be attacked by a bear. I did have the strange (and inshallah unlikely) image of a bear bursting into my living room to steal the baby. You do hear of bears attacking small children and dogs like that now and then. Of course I would defend her like…well, a mama bear, but it does occur to you that with a bear attack maybe it would only take one bite. I don’t realistically think my baby is in much danger of being attacked by a bear, but the point is really is that I can’t protect her from everything, no matter how much I might want to.

And it’s not just a tiny little baby,whose life is so fragile. It’s all of us…

Makes you think.

I was speaking to a neighbor yesterday about the statistics of dying in a plane crash or a car crash. Of course you are statistically more likely to die in a car crash, but if your plane does happen to crash… well I don’t like your chances. I’m not particularly afraid of flying either. I think it’s the sort of thing you could be if you let yourself think about it too much, and that’s because of course we are all afraid of death.

I believe that Allah has written the time and manner of our death, that there is no setting it back, or bringing it forward. But am I ready for death? Of course not. How could I truly be? Haven’t I done things I shouldn’t have, neglected things I should have? Have I put to the best use what Allah has given me?

And that little baby? She’s my hopes for a righteous Muslim child. I would protect any way possible, but since in reality I cannot, I leave her to Allah. Allah is the one she needs.


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