Baby Wearing

Before my baby was born, I was very interested in baby wearing. I researched all the different types of baby carriers and decided that I wanted a Bali Breeze baby wrap. I pictured myself doing everything with baby happily nestled in the wrap. It turned out much to my disappointment that my baby didn’t like being in the wrap. She would scream when I put her in and then immediately fall asleep, so we tried this about 5 times. It definitely took some strain off of my shoulders, but by now I’ve just gotten used to carrying her everywhere, and it seems a hassle to get a wrap out and put it on and put her in it.

My husband never approved. He didn’t understand why we couldn’t just carry her in our arms for everything. He didn’t think that normal people carried newborn babies in that way and that it couldn’t support her head enough. He didn’t think she liked it and wasn’t willing to try it out to see if she just needed to get used to it. He had a similar attitude to her using the potty: More on that another time.


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