Making Jams

The other day, I came across some wild black raspberries, and I picked about 3 cups worth. Yesterday I turned them into jam. When I was child, we would pick them and my grandmother would make jam for us. The first time I saw black raspberries for sale in the grocery store, I thought to myself Who buy those? My whole childhood, they were something you picked in your yard.

Today, I decided I wanted to make lemon curd. I had actually been thinking about it for a while. I made some last year, but the recipe I used told me to use a double boiler, and my mom’s happened to be made from aluminum (yuck!). So I was thinking to get a double boiler made from a better metal. I was looking it up online, seeing what I could maybe get at Walmart, and then yesterday, I just happened into a thrift shop and got one for $7.50. So today I bought some lemons, and made lemon curd. I didn’t remember from last time though, so I didn’t cook it to a high enough temperature then worried it would not thicken properly, so I took it and reheated it after adding the butter. Still seems to come out good. That was the stuff I hadn’t put in jars, the stuff I put in jars looks like it really cooked. One of the jars didn’t seal and I found a nice eggy piece at the top.

Next step is to go to the farm to pick strawberries and get some sour cherries. We don’t actually use very much jam, though, so I suppose I’ll have to be giving most of this away. It is fun though.


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