Is A Nursing Woman’s Fast Less Important?

My husband didn’t really say anything to me, but I don’t think he expected me to fast, and he has done nothing to really encourage or discourage. A couple of subtle things that he said or did made me feel that he might consider my fast somehow less important than his own because he considers it “optional.” Somehow this didn’t seem quite fair to me, although I can’t argue with the logic. Then again, it could all be in my head.

I decided to look it up, to see if other women feel this way. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything about how other women feel. On the Islamic question answer website ( I did find the statement that a nursing woman is in fact obliged to fast if she does not fear for herself or her baby, is in good health, and fasting is not difficult for her. That would mean that my fasts are in fact obligatory (so long as I continue finding them easy and my milk supply and baby are unaffected) and are not any less important than my husband’s.

So how do other women feel about this? Have you had that experience?


2 thoughts on “Is A Nursing Woman’s Fast Less Important?

    • We feel the same as they do when we are fasting. My sister pointed out to me that everyone really has the same leniency, as they can choose to break their fast if they are feeling unwell, and our option to fast or not fast is due to health concerns not our whims.


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