Pictures on Baby Clothes

This is another of those things that you think about a lot more before Baby than after Baby. I used to think that maybe I could put appliques on inappropriate clothes. I let it be known that I didn’t want pictures on the baby’s clothes. Then I proceeded to be given a baby shower where I was given many baby clothes with pictures on them. People said that they couldn’t find clothes without animal pictures. My husband said that they were just getting what they wanted to get because at least a third of the clothes that he saw did not have pictures.

None-the-less, I couldn’t get much support for my position. My husband and a Muslim friend both said that pictures on clothes were only a concern for saying prayer because you couldn’t say prayer in them and weren’t a concern otherwise. What? Where did they get this from? I’ve never seen it anywhere. The prohibition on pictures would be based on the Prophet’s (s) statement that the angels don’t enter a house in which there are pictures. While their explanation, which my husband gave to my non-Muslim family, seems to be a common belief, I’m really not sure what it is based on. The only allowance I could find from scholars for images on baby clothes was that they were not treated with honor as babies would pee, poop, and spit up on them.

After the birth of my baby, we brought her home, and I proceeded to dress her in a fleece polka dot sleep sack that I thought was so cute at the shower. Within an hour, I was changing her out of it because my husband kept the house so ridiculously hot (the whole winter) that the poor little thing was sweating. The only sack I could find that was an appropriate light weight cotton was covered in pictures of giraffes. All I could think was to make my baby comfortable. Your priorities change with a baby. May Allah forgive me if there is some harm in it, but we are not attached to the pictures, and we don’t choose them or buy them ourselves, but our daughter does wear pictures.


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