Pros and Cons of Country Living

I’ll start with the cons first because there seem to be fewer of them, although I won’t say everything is equal.

1. I would have to say, by far, the biggest con is living so far from the Muslim community. There’s an adult hafiz program at the masjid, and so many things I’d like to go to. I suppose I still could if I was more determined, but it would take a lot more planning and effort.

2. The Internet really is down a lot. The last 4 weeks it has been down 2-4 days every week. So few people live on our road that we only have one option for service, and we are lucky to get that.

3. My husband hates it.

4. Ticks. Need I say more? This county has been the highest for Lyme’s disease in the country, and I believe at least 80% of the occupants have had the disease.

Okay,here are the pros.

1. Contemplation of nature is good for a person spiritually and in their* religion. Allah encourages us numerous times in the Quran to reflect on nature. It is also good for intellectual development. Being in/looking at nature makes people feel more relaxed, and urban environments make the more tense. I believe that a large proportion of our society lives at a harmful disconnect from the natural world.

My daughter gets to observe the natural world around her every day. She has watched the trees bud, and the leaves come onto the trees. She has sen flowers bloom overnight and smelled them. There are lily-of-the-valley and rhododendron right outside our door. She watches hummingbirds and bumblebees sip nectar from our flowers. She experiences the sweet fragrance of the long grass and wild flowers in the hay field. She has dangled her bare feet in the grass and felt its texture. She’s helped Mommy in the garden.

2. We can have a garden.

3. It’s quiet.

4.It’s safe.

5. I’ve always lived in this kind of area,and my family is close by.

* I intentionally use the word their. Despite what we are taught about grammar and that we should use he (or she) for gender neutral, I actually read when I was in high school (a long time ago) that this rule was arbitrarily made up in the 1800s for a grammar book and has been taught since then. People have traditionally used their for gender neutral as well as plural, the same way that we speak. So I want to embrace that tradition. I don’t want to say he; I want to say their.


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