Preparing For Ramadan

It is not very long now until Ramadan. I want to prepare myself to make the most out of the month. At the same time I may need to take it easily.

I want to fast this year. I didn’t fast last year. I suppose I worried slightly that it could affect the baby, but the main reason was living with my mom and not wanting that argument. I know people who fasted while pregnant, and their babies turned out just fine. Furthermore, they say it is more difficult when you are nursing. Still it seemed to me better to show my family that Islam was not a harsh, inflexible religion, which obliged pregnant women to fast, something they view as harmful.

Quite honestly, it doesn’t feel much like Ramadan when you aren’t fasting. I feel like I missed a lot of the blessing of it last year. And who wants two months worth of fasts to make up? So this year I want to fast.

I’ve looked into the research. It shouldn’t affect the baby’s health or growth at all. The main thing I have to be careful of is not getting dehydrated because that could affect my milk supply, and my milk supply is very important to me and Baby. I need to make sure I drink plenty of water for iftar and suhoor and in between and take those prenatal vitamins I never remember to take. If I do start getting dehydrated I need to take a break from fasting.

I don’t want to get lethargic. Baby needs a cheerful, energetic Mommy. This is the hardest time of year. The longest, hottest days. Night prayers are wonderful, especially during Ramadan, but isha is already late, and fajr is early, so I shouldn’t overdo it. If I exhaust myself during the night, I can’t make up sleep during the day with baby, and fasting is already wearing.

Ramadan will be demanding for my husband also. He works a physically difficult job, and he will need to take all his meals at work, so I will need to make sure he has lots of food to take for iftar and suhoor.

So that is my plan for Ramadan. Inshallah, I can increase my reading of Quran and say all my dua. Bring my worship back up to what it used to be before Baby.

May Allah give us the special blessings of the month. May he guide us and our beloved children. Ameen.


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