Digestive Biscuits

I went to Job Lot yesterday to try to buy potting soil. Unfortunately they are out. I did end up buying chocolate digestive biscuits. These are something that I got a taste for while studying in the UK. I don’t mind the non-chocolate variety either, but when I looked at the nutrition label, the amount of sugar is the same. Might as well go for chocolate. Job Lot has a lot of other varieties of biscuits too.

People in America always say that biscuit is a British term for cookie. I beg to differ. I don’t think biscuits and cookies are quite the same thing. A biscuit can be a type of cookie, but it can also be a cracker. Furthermore, cookies are not always biscuits. Most homemade American cookies don’t quite seem to fit into the category of biscuits. Most biscuits taste better when dipped in tea, but cookies don’t. The exception to this would be American biscuits, which are a different category altogether.

A vocabulary list I once had, suggested that British people should call American biscuits scones, but they aren’t really scones; the texture is different. We have scones in America too. Biscuits aren’t really an American version of scones.

In Bangladesh we enjoyed toast biscuits. Our favorite brand was Cocola Special Shahi Toast Biscuit. I don’t really care for the ones that are coated in sugar or ghee. Although I haven’t had them in 7 or 8 years at least, I used to enjoy the rusk cakes that are imported from Pakistan. Bangladeshis don’t seem to be interested in these much, probably on account of preferring the toast biscuit.


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