The Library Is A Resource: Use It

Wednesday is our Library day. There is a “Baby and Me” lap time that we go to fairly regularly. To be honest, I don’t think either I or the Baby are particularly interested in the activities, but she enjoys watching the other children, and I enjoy talking with other moms. It also gives us a chance just to get out, get and return library books, etc.

I think the library is a really great resource. I enjoy reading, and when I had a baby in my arms almost 24/7 the first 2 months, it was great to have something read while she was sleeping. Because of interlibrary loan, you can request books from the entire library system, not just what is available in your local library, so this gives access to a great many books. There is very little available on Islamic topics, but for child development, parenting, education, history, science, and novels it is wonderful.

It isn’t just books either. The library offers free family museum passes for local museums. They have subscriptions to online educational resources such as Mango Languages. I am currently do the Bengali and Arabic language courses through the library’s subscription to Mango. There are programs for children. For people who are into such things there are videos and DVDS.

Some people complain about library taxes, but for all the benefits, the price is small.


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